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CRDF SiteCheck Labs is a tool in the cloud that allows you to check efficiently if a website contains security risks. This service uses the power developed with CRDF Labs.

Thank you kindly understand that analysis takes about a few minutes depending on the server load available.

We know it is easy to infect a computer or mobile device unprotected by antivirus via a malicious or fraudulent site. But is it possible to avoid infection? It's easy: if the site is suspicious, check it on this page before clicking on an unknown link.

By clicking 'Check', you consent to our Terms of Service and allow CRDF Labs to share this file (or URL) with the security community.

When you submit a file to CRDF Labs for scanning, we may store it and share it with the anti-malware and security industry. Participating anti-malware and security companies will adhere to our Best Practices when using the samples.